What Your Oral Health Routine is Missing

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Everyone wants a healthy, sparkling, beautiful smile, right? But not as many people are willing to make the commitment it takes to get such a smile. It’s a process that involves some work on your part, as well as remembering a few simple things every day.

Let’s look at what Dr. Christopher M. Spelman here at Orlando Family Dentistry, LLC in Hopewell, New Jersey, has to say about what your oral health routine is likely missing.

Only four in ten adults in America floss on a regular basis, regular here meaning once a day. Nearly sixty percent of the population doesn’t floss! Yes it’s a question you’re asked time and time again when at the dentist’s office.

So what makes flossing so important? And why is it something our team always reminds you to do? Well that plays into what else your oral health routine is missing.

Plaque removal
Flossing removes plaque from the areas of your teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach. Without floss, you leave about 35% of your tooth exposed to plaque build up, which is the leading cause of cavities. Flossing is instrumental in getting rid of plaque.

Clean gums
The other benefit that comes from flossing is clean gums. If you let plaque or debris build up along your gum line, you’ll soon find out that gingivitis isn’t a fun thing to deal with. Flossing removes that possibility and keeps your gums healthy.

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