Are your teeth stained or discolored? Have you lost confidence in your smile? Do you yearn for a beautiful smile that will boost your self-confidence? Ask Dr. Spelman and Dr. Orlando about teeth whitening in Hopewell, New Jersey. Our office offers at-home whitening. Teeth whitening is the most effective on those with yellow-hued teeth who have no restorations like fillings and crowns. Restorations will not bleach like your teeth will, so they would stand out against them after teeth whitening.

Our at-home whitening kit includes a custom-made mouth guard and a gel whitening product. Our dentist will take impressions of your teeth to ensure that the mouth guard has an optimal, comfortable fit. Wear the mouth guard with the whitening product as suggested by our dentists. Usually, the treatment time is several hours a day or during the night for up to four weeks.

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