Dental X-rays help our dentists to detect damage and disease in your smile that is not visible to the naked eye. Depending on your age, your oral health, and your oral health history, Dr. Spelman and Dr. Orlando will decide how often to take X-rays in Hopewell, New Jersey. Our dentists are proud to use the latest technology in dental X-rays, digital imaging.

Digital imaging has many advantages over traditional X-rays. Digital imaging sends the image directly to the computer. The dentist does not have to develop them. Digital imaging uses less radiation than traditional X-rays. Images taken with this technology can be enhanced and enlarged, making dental issues easier to observe. When necessary, images can be electronically sent to another dentist or a specialist. Digital imaging allows current and previous images to be compared digitally using subtraction radiography. Everything that is alike between the two images will be subtracted out, leaving only an image of the parts that are different. This helps our dentists see even the smallest changes.

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