Tongue Scrapers: The Facts

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Did you know that your tongue has over a thousand taste buds on it? Have you ever heard that your tongue is actually the strongest muscle in your body? Your tongue plays an important role in helping you breathe, eat, and even speak. Caring for your tongue well will help you stay more comfortable and maintain great oral health.

If you don’t suffer from a sensitive gag reflex, you may simply be able to use a toothbrush to keep your tongue clean. However, many individuals do suffer from a sensitive gag reflex, meaning a toothbrush isn’t a viable option. If this is your case, you could also consider the benefits of a tongue scraper. This tool is specifically designed to help you remove bacteria and plaque from your tongue.

While a toothbrush may be enough to help you cope with these issues, many people suffer from a sensitive gag reflex. Tongue scrapers are designed to work around this problem. There are several different types of tongue scraper available. The most common type of tongue scraper is made from stainless steel. You may also consider a plastic tongue scraper, which is generally smaller than one made of stainless steel, and even better for those who suffer from gag reflex.

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