The Dangers of Teeth Whitening to Avoid

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If you’re about to whiten your smile with a whitening treatment, then it’s best to know about the dangers involved. That way you can avoid those dangers and keep your smile in tip-top shape. To help you keep those threats at bay, our dentist, Dr. Christopher M. Spelman, is happy to inform you of them and give you the tips you need to avoid them.

The first danger is allergies. Each whitening treatment has many ingredients. It’s important to check those ingredients before you use a treatment so you don’t experience an allergic reaction to the treatment. If you have a hard time finding the right treatment, you can ask your dentist for a recommendation.

The second danger is a poor whitening technique. This is especially true if you whiten your smile with whitening strips and whitening trays. If you misuse the treatment by using it too much, placing the strips and tray incorrectly on the smile, or overfilling the tray, you could suffer tooth sensitivity and irritated gums.

The third danger is a poor dental health. If you have gingivitis, a loose dental crown, or a tooth affected by tooth decay, then you need to treat your smile before you begin whitening treatment. Whitening your smile while you have dental issues can be very dangerous for your oral health.

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