The Causes of Gum Disease

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Gum disease is a serious threat to your oral health. That is why it is important to recognize the symptoms of gum disease like bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, loose teeth, and other indicators. Understanding the causes of your gum disease may help you reverse the condition and get your smile back on a healthy track.

Our team here at Orlando Family Dentistry, LLC in Hopewell, New Jersey, is thrilled to talk to you about gum disease and its causes, so you can recognize the symptoms and get help to combat it. Thee causes of gum disease include:

-Plaque and tartar buildup when left untreated and unchecked
-Missing your semi-annual dental checkups
-Neglecting brushing and flossing each day
-Neglect getting the fillings you need to restore your teeth if you have cavities
-Eating sugary or sticky foods that stick to your teeth
-Pregnancy, which can also increase the risk of gum disease dramatically
-Using any tobacco of any kind which can lead to oral cancer
-Diabetes, cancer, or other serious illnesses are also at higher risk for gum disease

If any of these factors apply to you, please call our office right away at 609-466-1332 and make an appointment with Dr. Christopher M. Spelman. Our professional team is ready to help you win the fight against gum disease so you can enjoy oral health.