Sugar-Free Gum Can Protect Your Teeth

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There are many ways you can protect your oral health and reduce the risk of cavities that threaten your smile. Our dentist, Dr. Christopher M. Spelman at Orlando Family Dentistry, LLC in Hopewell, New Jersey, is happy to share some tips about how sugar-free gum can protect your teeth and help preserve your oral health.

Here are the ways sugar-free gum works to protect your teeth:

– One of the benefits of chewing gum is that it can produce additional saliva flow. Saliva is important for rinsing away food debris and acids in your mouth.
– Because chewing gum produces additional saliva, it can aid in the prevention of cavities.
– Heartburn is a key risk to your smile when acids travel from your stomach to your mouth. You can prevent the effects heartburn by chewing sugarless gum to produce saliva.
– Due to the risks of dental abrasion after eating, switch out brushes and toothpaste with nonabrasive cleaning tools such as chewing gum.
– Avoid chewing gum that has sugars. You should use chewing gum that is sugar-free.

If you would like to learn more about preserving your oral health or you have questions about any cavities or other problems, please call us today at 609-466-1332 for treatment. Our dental team is happy to help you protect your teeth and preserve your oral health for a lifetime.