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If you suffer from sleep apnea, you’re not alone. It’s a problem affecting millions of people, yet so few of them take the steps necessary to seek treatment.

Today we’ll look at a few different treatment options, as well as the ones most recommended by Dr. Christopher M. Spelman here at Orlando Family Dentistry, LLC.


This is the treatment option most everyone is familiar with. It’s a machine that uses a steady flow of air to gently keep your airway open throughout the night, reducing the amount of time your airway is shut and causing sleep disturbances.

CPAP is uncomfortable, loud, and takes a lot of getting used to. If you’re married, your spouse will have just as hard a time adjusting to it as you will.

Oral appliance therapy

Oral appliance therapy is something we offer, and it’s highly recommended because it’s a non-invasive, reversible solution that requires minimal compliance.

It’s a small device that fits on your mouth, resting on your teeth, while your sleep. It looks a lot like a sports guard. If you can’t handle CPAP – or your spouse can’t – then you need to seriously consider an oral appliance to help alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms.

Sleep apnea is disruptive and harmful to your health, but with the right treatment it doesn’t have to be. Call us today at 609-466-1332 to schedule a consultation and figure out which treatment is best for you.