Saliva Substitutes for Chronic Dry Mouth

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Chronic dry mouth can be a side effect of a medication, an overabundance of tobacco or alcohol, a disease, chemotherapy or many other causes. The effects of this condition can be rather harsh on your oral health. It can result in cavities, mouth infections, halitosis and even gum disease. If you not able to permanently eradicate your dry mouth by treating its original cause, you’ll want to find ways to relieve your symptoms. One option is to use a saliva substitute.

Artificial saliva is not a magnificent match for the type that your body naturally makes, but consistent applications do certainly help to temporarily relieve your dry mouth symptoms as well as protect your mouth from developing dental issues. Saliva substitute products are accessible as a spray, a rinse, a gel or lozenges. Though a prescription is not required, they are often tricky to find in local drugstores. Ask your pharmacist about them or order them online.

You may want to try a few variants of saliva substitutes before you discover what you like best. Be sure to examine the directions on the packaging and pursue any advice that your doctor may have. It’s imperative not to eat or drink for at least 15 minutes after use to permit the saliva to adequately clean and nourish your teeth and gums.

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