Prevent New Cavities with Old Cleaning Techniques

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Although cavities are nothing new with our oral health, the methods that have been used to combat them for decades are still just as relevant as they are today. With most oral health care disorders, it is paramount to keep your mouth clean and clear of bacteria and food residue, as the longer various substances are in contact with your teeth and gums, the greater the likelihood that cavities can occur.

Cavities arise when a hole has been formed in the tooth enamel, often as the cause of dental erosion. Dental erosion is common when harmful acids in the mouth eat through the tooth enamel. Sugars and acidic foods are both known to weaken your tooth enamel through the addition of acids in your mouth. To combat this threat, eating healthy foods and practicing age-old cleaning methods are important.

One of the best methods for cleaning your teeth that has remained relatively unchanged for decades is via brushing and flossing your teeth. When choosing a toothbrush, look for a brush that has soft bristles and can easily reach all areas of your mouth. When choosing dental floss, look for a floss that is shred resistant. Alternative cleaning tools such as electric toothbrushes and water flossers are both excellent options should traditional brushing or flossing prove to be too difficult or unpractical. For the best cavity care, brush at least twice per day and floss every day.

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